Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to basic questions...

How does this whole Kinnecting thing work?

Simple… You login with Facebook. Complete your profile. Find parents near you... Choose a parent to Kinnect with and then chat away.

How do I find nearby parents?

Simply click ‘Kinnect’. Nearby parents will be presented – sorted by our algorithm. 
TIP: You can always search for parents by zipcode by going to “Invite” and entering the desired zip in the search bar.

Where do I post my baby pictures?

Um.... sorry to say... not here. You can go back to Facebook or a number of other apps for that.

The app keeps crashing.

Make sure you have the latest version of Kinnecting. Delete and reinstall the app. This does not delete your matches and other info.

How can I change profile information?

Go to ‘Profile’ then click on ‘Settings.’ Other visabilty settings (such as languages, hometown and relationship status) can be changed from Facebook. There could be a delay but your changes should update automatically. It may, however take up to several days for certain changes, as it updates from Facebook.

How do I change my interests / page likes?

They will update automatically, Kinnecting periodically pulls this info from Facebook.

Who see’s my information?

Most of the information we collect is used simply for matching you with nearby parents we think you would want to know.  We don’t share any exact birthdays, exact locations or children names.  

For instance we wouldn’t share your zipcode but display you are .5 mi away from another parent. We don’t share any information that you haven’t shared publicly on Facebook. We have children too and treat your information as if it was our own.

Do I need  Facebook to create a Kinnecting account?

Yes, we use Facebook to make sure you are matched with real parents who share similar interests and common friends.

How do I ‘Kinnect’ with another parent?

Go to the user’s profile. If you’re not Kinnected, you can invite them to ‘Kinnect’ Once they accept the invitation, you’ll be able to message directly.

Can I message someone I haven’t Kinnected with?

No, only users who have accepted an invitation request from are allowed to chat with each other.

How do I message with another parent?

Go to the users profile and select ‘Message’   
Or you can go to ‘Messages’ and search for their name in the search bar.

I can’t log in.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app and latest version of Kinnecting. Go to the phone settings, try logging out of Facebook and back in. Also, make sure the GPS (“location services") on your device is enabled.

I don’t have any parent matches.

Try inviting more of your parent friends. You can invite them via Facebook or email from the ‘Invite’ button. Once they are on the platform, you’ll have more parents (with friends in common) and will find better matches. 
You can also try updating your bio. It should highlight who you are in a couple of sentences.

Some of my information isn’t showing up on my Kinnecting profile.

Go to Facebook and set your profile to public. This will allow Kinnecting to access information that will complete your profile.

How do I delete my account?

Email us at Subject: Delete Account. Note: Deleting the app does not delete your account.

If you couldn't find the answer to your problem here, please send an email   

NOTE: Kinnecting only supports iOS 6+ and Android 2.3+

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